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Sprinkler Inspection/Repair

Sprinkler Inspection/Repair

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Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island

Cheronimo is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business specializing in making a home function at it's best. Whether it's building something, getting dirty, braving heights, or operating power equipment, we love the action. And we're darn good at it =)

We currently provide service to addresses on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island.

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Meet the Owners

Bryan Gasparro is the Founder and CEO of Cheronimo, LLC and Cheronimo Property Care, LLC.
Founder / CEO
Bryan is a resident of Middletown, Rhode Island. His professional career began as a Marine Corps Officer from 2001-2005, where he served as a Combat Engineer Platoon Commander, completing two deployments to Iraq.

​Raised by a home-builder, and a voracious do-it-yourselfer himself, Bryan loves the process of maximizing a home's curb appeal.

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Finance from the University of North Florida, a Master of Business Administration from San Diego State University, and an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Georgetown University. Yes, he has spent way too much time in the classroom.
Kalisi is pretty much happy 24/7. It doesn't take much:  a ball, a frisbee, a stick, being allowed to tag along on jobs. She makes sure Bryan delivers on his promises, and that he treats his customers as good as he treats her. She is a former Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff's deputy, is bilingual (Labrador and preindustrial, mostly religious German), and enjoys a good airing of Battlestar Galactica when the mood strikes.


Kalisi is the Assistant to the Regional Manager of Cheronimo, LLC and Cheronimo Property Care, LLC.
Assistant to the Regional Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit required prior to the start of any services?


There are some unfortunate realities to modern society that we need to protect ourselves from, so we do require a pre-authorization on a credit or debit card of your choosing the first time we provide service to you.  For repeat customers we don't worry about this. A pre-authorization is simply a hold on your account for a set amount, but no money is actually withdrawn. Upon completion of service, that hold will be removed and you'll pay using your preferred means (cash, venmo, debit, or credit). The hold amount equals the estimated cost of the service.  So, for example, if you book a 2-hour full service gutter cleaning, the hold amount would be $140.

How do I know how long it will take to complete the job?


Estimate this as best as you can. Service durations allow us to be efficient with our time and to provide you with flexible pricing. We prefer that you err on the high side your first time and then adjust from there for future appointments. We charge based on how long the service ultimately takes, not how long you book for. And we have no interest in milking the clock. For one, the majority of our business comes through referrals. The best way to get a referral is to earn your trust. For another, we built our pricing structure to incentivize completing jobs as quickly as possible (without sacrificing quality). You'll notice that our hourly rate gets progressively lower the longer the service duration. So our preference is to complete your service request quickly and with great quality, leaving as much time in our day as possible for more appointments.

Can you provide a quote/estimate for a particular job?


On individual service pages, we've tried to give some guidance for how long certain services generally take. But estimates are inherently inaccurate, and somebody often times walks away unhappy. And though a "free estimate" sounds nice, it's not really free. To provide a reasonably accurate estimate, time has to be spent by the business. And time is money. A business that provides free estimates bakes in an allowance for that time into their pricing structure. Basically, if they didn't provide free estimates, their pricing could be lower.  So we employ a different business model. Our price structure punishes us the longer it takes us to complete a job. So it is in our best interest to, say, crank out two 2-hour appointments than it is to dilly-dally on one appointment for four hours.
​Additionally, none of the services we offer are one-time-ever services. They may only be needed once per year, but that's every year that we would hope to have your business. If you are not happy with the work that we do, we lose your business forever. Not only that, but you won't recommend us to anybody. And the vast majority of our business comes through referrals, so we are enormously sensitive to making sure you pay as little as possible for high quality work.  So, long story short, we don't visit properties just to provide quotes/estimates for individual jobs. We earn our business by earning trust, and growing organically from there after our customers learn how much more affordable we ended up being compared to other "quotes". If your budget is such that you definitely can't spend more than a certain amount on a job, you can set the appointment duration to whatever that limit is, remembering that if it takes us less time you'll be charged less.