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No way around it. This chore just plain stinks. No matter how you try to tackle it, it seems to take forever. Offload this one on to us and don't look back.

Give yourself a break and let us tackle this chore for you. We service properties throughout Salt Lake County. We leave your yard looking great, with no visible clippings left behind.

When our customers use Cheronimo:

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Our focus is on being a trusted and reliable go-to partner, on-demand. That means we do not seek out full mowing season contracts with customers. There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers that need a break once in a while, get injured and need a short-term substitute, go on vacation and need a one-time fill-in, or move into a new home and need the prior home maintained until sold. We also help real estate agents maintain homes during that transition period.

Our customers love us not only because we are really good at making lawns look amazing, but because we can be counted on to be there when needed. Allow us to be there for you.


$1 per minute; $60 minimum

1. Use the calculator on the right to estimate your service time and cost.

2. Click the "Schedule Service" button and book a service duration appropriate to you. This helps us manage our time.

3. Final cost is based on actual service time. If you book a 2 hr appointment, but it only takes 1 hr, you only pay for 1 hr.

4. Optional --> for an extra $30 flat fee we'll haul away all collected leaves/debris. Otherwise, we'll bag everything and leave it for you to dispose of.

5. Returning customers don't need to be home. We'll email an invoice. First-time customers we ask to at least be home at the start of service to collect payment details.

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Need us to estimate your cleanup area square footage for you? Shoot us an email at support@cheronimo.com. Tell us your address and describe where we need to clean. Is it all grass areas? Just certain grass areas? Any non-grass areas?

Frequently Asked Questions

(if your question is not addressed here, check the bottom of the home page)

  • Is a deposit required prior to the start of this service?  For returning customers, no. New customers, yes. There are some unfortunate realities to modern society that we need to protect ourselves from, so we do require a pre-authorization on a credit or debit card of your choosing in the amount of $100.  This is simply a hold on that account for that amount, but no money is actually withdrawn. Upon completion of service, that hold will be removed and you'll pay using your preferred means (cash, venmo, debit, or credit).
  • What does Full Service entail?  Individual properties may require a change in technique, but our approach is generally to use a walk-behind leaf vacuum/mulcher as much as possible. It gets a lot accomplished in the least amount of time, and it mulches leaves to an 8:1 reduction ratio, meaning we can get 8 bags of regular leaves down to 1 bag. We'll use rakes and leaf blowers where we have to and typically to reposition leaves to where our leaf vacuum/mulcher can get it. By default we keep the bagged leaves on-site for the customer to dispose of. This helps minimize service time and thus cost. We offer haul-away service of all bagged leaves for an additional fee.
  • What determines how long it will take?  Every property is different. Few trees, many trees, small trees, large trees, dry leaves, wet leaves. We use a walk-behind leaf vacuum/mulcher, so cleaning up leaves in open areas can at times take just a little bit longer than the time it normally takes to mow your yard.  But then it's a matter of how many leaves are in areas that require slower removal methods (raking, leaf blowing, etc.). And that is where estimating time gets very challenging. The estimation calculator uses our average service time across all leaf cleanup jobs, so your job will definitely differ from this. But there is no risk to overestimating and booking a longer appointment